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The Clinic for Human Reproduction ART-IVF has more than 20 years of experience in the infertility diagnosis and treatment. Almost 7 500 children were born due to the efforts of our physicians and embryologists. Our clinic is staffed with highly qualified specialists -  members of the European (ESHRE), American (ASRM) and Russian (RAHR) Association of Human Reproduction with a profound expertise in fertility care. We are conducting on-site and participating in various workshops, conferences and other scientific and educational activities, training specialists and trainees from other fertility clinics of former Soviet Union.

With the efforts of our team: fertility specialists, obstetrician-gynecologists, andrologists, embryologists and physicians of the allied fields we achieve very good results in the treatment of infertility of various etiologies, new methods of examination and treatment are constantly introduced. The quality control is implemented at all stages – from the embryology lab to the prenatal care of any gestational age.

Diagnostics of infertile couple is the first but very important step towards our premium goal – birth of a healthy baby. Diagnostics in our clinicis performed using up-to-date methods according to highest standards of clinical practice. We can run on-site the whole complex of diagnostic tests which is less time consuming along with the reasonable price.

The embryology lab is fit up with the cutting edge equipment for the full spectrum of embryological procedures and has its own unique microclimate and quality control and reassurance system.

In addition to the IVF and ISCI procedures our clinic performs artificial insemination – introduction of the processed sperm into the uterus during the ovulation period. The insemination procedure is conducted using husband's (partner’s) or donor sperm depending on the indications. The clinic has an own donor sperm bank.

If the couple requires treatment using donor eggs – ovum donation program – we can offer a large base of professional egg donors with all blood types and various appearance and personal program coordinator.

ART-IVF Clinic historically has a very strong andrology department, thereby successfully treating male factor infertility and resolving sensitive for men issues quickly and competently.

In turn, each woman - patient of our clinic - has an individual approach taking into consideration all the peculiarities of her reproductive system and somatic health. The key features of our clinic are calm atmosphere, comfortable conditions, lack of queues and stereotype approach.